Zirconia SC Tube

Specification:OD :3.2±0.02mm
Length :11.4±0.1mm

Material: zirconia
Insertion force: 2.0N–6.0N
Insertion loss: <0.2db
Service life: ≥1000 number of times
Working temperature: (-40℃–+85℃)

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Zirconia ceramic optical fiber tube

Product features:
1, products are using advanced production technology, the material mechanical performance is greatly improved
2, to protect the connection point, improve the mechanical strength
3, the products is high precision, long service life
4, the product size have good consistency, quality is stability
5, zro2 ceramic optical fiber tube are good function of temperature resistant,good humidity resistant performance

Application for Zirconia ceramic optical fiber tube:This product is applicable to data transmission network communication network, cable television network,can be made according to your requirement.